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At  WCOL  we aim to offer an unbiased platform for discussions. We are not here to judge or be prejudicial. We do not want to discourage healthy constructive debates on all topics, after all, that's the whole purpose of the forum. However, we are NOT here to enforce one individuals opinion on the majority, and should remember that everyone is entititled to express their own opinion. Mutual respect is required at all times. Any personal issues arising from debates, should either be addressed to the individual concerned, or brought to the attention of myself or the moderators, not dicussed in the Open Forum.

At WCOL myself and my moderators are not here to take the moral highground on any subject. Although we all have our own principals and ethics in our various fields of interest, we do not presume to enforce our own thinking as being unequalled.  We AIM to be objective and approachable on any issue and endeavour to remain impartial.

We actively encourage all types of members, no matter what you do with your cocker,  the main criteria being our love of the  cocker spaniel and it's inherant working ability. We want the forum to be a productive useful resource for all those interested in all aspects of the cocker, their personalities, their training, and just sharing the pleasure they bring to each of us on all different  levels.

In summary a place where people can post, with no fear of recrimination, knowing that they will receive constructive helpful discussion, advice, and sometimes a healthy debate, on whatever topic they are interested in.


Please have a thorough browse of the site. The default view shows the Categories, if you want to see the most recent topics, click on the 'recent topics' and the latest and more recent posts will be displayed, along with the time the last member posted. You can also use the Recent Forum Post in the side bar of the site, but remember this will only give you the last 4 posts, you need to click on the 'more' button to see all of the posts.

There are many Categories and Sub Headings, try to post your thread in the relevant section, if you aren't sure then post in General Discussion and the Mods can move it to the right place, should they need to.

Try to sum up the essence of your question or topic in the title.

Do try and keep to the topic of the thread. If new issues are raised as a result of a particular thread, please feel free to pick them up in a new posting. This will help to create new discussion.

It is a good idea to check back and make sure your questions have not already been asked and answered, you can do this by using the search facility at the top of the forum page. If you do repeat a topic, don't worry, someone will let you know, and hopefully link you back to the relevant threads.

THEY MOST CERTAINLY APPLY TO POSTS MADE ON INTERNET FORUMS. Be careful and think before you post potentially defamatory comments.  As most of this forum is open to the public to read, defamatory comments will show up in Google searches etc which is why we ask members not to post derogatory comments about anyone personally by name, well known retail organisations, or rescue organisations etc.
Bad language or swearing is NOT permitted – remember this is an open family forum.

Be polite and respect other people’s opinions, even if you do not agree with them. Differences of opinion are inevitable on any large forum with such a diverse membership but it should be possible to exchange views without being rude or insulting. Persistent rudeness towards other members will not be tolerated.

Remember to use emoticons (smilies) to lighten your tone where appropriate, as with all written word, people can put their own tone to it.

Try not to take a differing opinion to your own as a personal insult (as long as that opinion has been expressed politely).
Moderating a busy forum is often a thankless job as it is impossible to please all of the people all of time and there will always be some members who will not agree with some Moderating decisions. Please do not argue with the moderators over closed, deleted or edited posts. If you have issues with any decisions then contact the Moderator by PM or the Site Owner -

Please don't copy and paste copyrighted material from either books/magazines or other forums/websites without acknowledging the source and obtaining permission to post. If you're not sure if material is copyrighted, it's best to post a link to the site concerned rather than copy the content onto the forum.
There may from time to time be someone, who slips through the net,  who posts something deliberately controversial and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes these people get their friends to join in or post under different names. If you see a post like this, please try and refrain from joining in – it will probably be deleted anyway.
Members that repeatedly cause offence and/or arguments that do no reflect well on the ethos of the forum will be deleted with no explanation, and their membership will not be reinstated.

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