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Figured I would try to spice up the board a bit.  There are no open hunting seasons where I live right now but here's some pictures from past hunts to pass time in the off season.  Jake is now 3 years old and an absolute cracker in the field despite my novice training ability.  Here's just a taste of the versatility of my boy:

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Bruce B
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Any one of those geese look big enough to retrieve a cocker! Amazing little dogs we have. Have you thought of field trials with Jake? Steady him up and come on down to North Dakota!

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Yes he has ran in Wisconsin once as well up here last year in Southwestern Ontario.   Made novice mistakes both times (probably my fault more than his).  I do plan on trying again, just making sure I'm ready for the next time.  He's got an awful lot of go which I have a hard time keeping a handle on hahahaha.  And yes, generally the geese are bigger than he is.

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