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Hi, first time working cocker owner here, our 'baby' is nearly 6 months.


We have noticed over the past week or so he has seemed to have reached 'teenage' years!


The recall we had whilst nowhere near perfect, has disappeared. He is now 'obsessed' with sniffing - is this a stage or is this what the inbred 'hunting drive' looks like in practice?


Where once we could throw a ball and he would go straight after it and bring it directly back, he now goes in the general direction and just sniffs everywhere. He'll ultimately find it and bring it back, but he's clearly more interested in following his nose than even getting treat for retrieving a ball.


He sniffs all around the house as well, not just out in the garden or field.


Any comments would be appreciated - is this what living with a working cocker is like?

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Just stay consistent with your training and don't allow him to blow you off.  You'll get through it :)

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