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Would really appreciate your advice and comments on this issue please.

Sam started to limp on his left front leg about two weeks ago, and so we took him to the vets to get checked out. The vet checked him over and suggested that we get his legs x rayed. £325 later, front legs x rayed and sent to orthapedic expert who suggested that his front legs need operating on to rectify the problem at an estimated cost of £2000.

Sam's problem is that his Unla and Radius bones have grown at different rates and caused him to have the " Queen Anne leg issue" which gives him a slight bow leg appearance, his left leg being the worst.

He's now on Matacam, tesco insurance want nothing to do with it, due to it being an " pre -existing condition" so now we are looking at funding the operation ourselves. Sam is still running around like a idiot, not sure if that's the Matacam or that it just doesn't bother him, and he doesn't mind when you touch his legs / joints. BTW vet says keep him from running and jumping around, and also quite sadate walks on the lead...............your kidding right !!!!!

Before we take the next step, i thought i would run it by the members on the forum.

All comments and advice welcome.

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Dear Gary  I am so sorry to hear this - and Sam looks such a sweetie.  I am afraid I don't have any words of wisdom to impart but I do hope he is OK.  In future, although expensive, PetPlan is pretty good and do get a second opinion.  

Hope he will be OK


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Gary sorry to hear this if you go nto gundog training forum there's a board or health qustions you will get a lot more replys on there.

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