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Katie Woo
Posts: 7

I have a 17 month old Working Cocker (dog) who stinks! I have only had him for the past 3 months & he's been consistently smally throughout. I initially thought that it may be a change in his diet but he's had time to settle in now & there's been no change. I'm thinking that it may well be the old 'anal gland' problem but I can's check as he's such a nervous dog & squeals like a stuck pig if I do try ro examine him. Unless it's something that I've not yet considred I'll take him to the vet to be checked over.


Any other suggestions anyone?


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John Irwin
Posts: 37

Check his mouth.  The fold of the bottom lip sometimes get infected.  Vets call it "spaniel mouth" or "fish mouth".  It stinks the whole house out.  I've not known it in working cockers,  but black or red show cockers are prone to it.  You can cure it with Hibiscrub (from Boots),  which cleans the sore,  then keep the hair in the lip fold short,  and try to keep it dry.


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Katie Woo
Posts: 7

John - I've had a look around the mouth but it's all clear. Thanks for the suggestion.


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