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Judi Robertson
Posts: 23

Every year I have a problem with Katy, she regularly gets those horrid wild oat seeds in her ears which are  painful and extremely unpleasant for her at the time,  mean a visit to the vet and usually sedation to remove them.  Has anyone found a reliable way to avoid the seeds getting in ears, I have tried cotton wool but this usually falls out almost immediately so is no help. I try to avoid areas where this stuff grows but it is just about impossible.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated



June 3, 2015 at 9:49 AM Flag Quote & Reply

John Irwin
Posts: 37

My vet reckons the first week in July is when the grass seed season problem starts.

I check my dogs feet and ears after their walks.  Grass seeds between the toes can work their way up into the shoulder.


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