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John buxton
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Sorry i have not contrebuted much to the group of late but with one thing or another {another dog, 2 demanding daughters, work and dont get me started on DIY{sorry dear} lol } time passes you bye so quickley, Imust be getting old!  Nice to see others are still sharing thier experiences {would i have to take the placeboard to the shoot Mary ? lol  After being told that i started too young training Lizzie, i thought i would hold back a bit with Pippa {lizzies pup} and let her be a puppy for a while. She is 10 months now, Comes to the whistle, walks well on the lead and stays close off it, last couple of  weeks  got her used to the gun, thanks Ian Dixon for the loan of the starting pistol,over coming my worst fear of her being gun shy.After a walk through Chatsworth park last weekend Pippa spotted a couple of ducks hanging aroung a family having a pic-nic, as she approched the ducks legged back toward the river, on reaching the bank the birds glided down onto the water leaving a spaniel that could not stop, she fell of the bank {about a metre} in to the water, we rushed over to find her swimming out towards the ducks { job done without trying ! } gave her a min and whistled her back. Got a lot  more wotk to do this summer. Question; Should i take Pippa who will be 16 months on a shoot or two this coming season, keeping her on the lead to watch mum and get her used to a shoot day ??   I have put a few more pictures on the Gallery {My profile, LIzzie Peak District} if any one wants to take a look ? its not ALL DIY lol. Keep posting ! { Hows Jack the Woodcock ?}

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