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hi all wondered if anyone could give me some advice.  my dog is 2 years old now and ive noticed over last few months that sometimes as she runs one of her front paws turns inward and she limps slightly.  this only seems to happen for very short periods of time and not always, generally she is fine.  ive checked her paws and leg and she doesnt seem in any distress when i examine it.  any ideas of what it might be thanks.

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P Shaw
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i reckon cockers are pretty pathetic when it comes to discomfort. my dog lets me know when he has something wrong - whether its a thorn in the pad, a burhh in his tail or grass sticking out from his backside ( ie hes eaten it ). hes great at putting that limp on but when CSI gets involved theres invariably nothing wrong and the proof is when you give him a quick rub he just gallops away :)

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