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Would just like you veiws on this form of training Monty has been 4 times now to a gundog trainer who uses this form of training and i'm happy with the results.

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It has been around for decades...  and it works.  All you need to know :)

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Placeboard training is a really useful tool, but is not the answer to everything. Use it wisely and you can progress faster than without it. Just don't forget there are aspects of training that can't be done via placeboards.

Enjoy your training!



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I used it for the first time (after buying the DVD) and I must say it's brilliant. I like to play train for the first few months, and the puppy seemed to see this as play(what puppy gets board :roll:of play) . An offshoot of this training was at the vets (he is now 18 months old and I haven't used the boards for ages), I just pointed to the scales and said place, every jaw in the waiting room dropped including mine when he just sat there tail wagging.


You don't train a cocker you teach it.

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I'm getting really good results i get the boards out of the garage and he wants to get on them before i can put them down.

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Late to this post and havent been on here for ages but I too use placeboards and have excellent results. I was all too ready to dismiss this as 'the latest craze to come over from the USA' but I was wrong to dismiss it as a gimmick. It works. as others have said it isnt a 'magic bean' for everything but for steadiness and delivery it is brilliant. What is more my pup loves it - otherwise I wouldn't use it.

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