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Advice needed please.

Murphy is now 3 years and 4 months.  He's giving me and my husband so much joy as he's such a happy dog with tail wagging all the time and he's made a wonderful pet.

On his walk this morning - off lead on bridle paths round a working farm - he was stood still staring at a rabbit in the distance. Suddenly he went to chase the rabbit but his left hind leg just gave way under him.  He immediately started limping but after I had checked his leg - I ran my hand down from top to bottom and checked his paw - he was fine and ran off to chase the rabbit.

I've looked at the internet which suggest arthritus or a hip problem.  Is there anything I should do other than take him to the vets?  All advice greatly received.

I've given Murphy a 1000mg cod liver oil tablet since he was a puppy as I was told this would help his joints.

Thank you.

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Looking at the internet to find an answer could find you 100 different answers all of which could be a possibility and leave you with more of a dilema than you had before you started!

It could have been many different things, I would keep a close eye on him and if it happens again then seek vets opinion.

As for Cod Liver Oil, you would be much better giving Murphy whole body fish oil rather than liver oil. Try Salmon oil from



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I would be suspicious of a luxating patella, which isn't the end of the world in the scheme of things, dramatic when it happens but then clicks back in place and everything perfect, lots of info on Google.

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Thank you both for your replies.

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Well, maybe my original post was a sign

Sadly Murphy has been diagnosed with Arthritis - he was 4 in April. The vet did use some other medical terms on the telephone but I was so upset I couldn't remember them.

I'm collecting Murphy at 5.30 today so will ask her to go through the telephone conversation again.

If any of you can offer any advice on how to handle this condition in a WCS it will be greatly appreciated and I will obviously ask the vet too.

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Update: xrays show that both hips were very bad and they took blood and fluid samples which are being tested for rhumatoid arthritis.  I should have more info by Friday when the results are in.

Apologies for spelling.

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Hi Gill,

Sorry to read about Murphy’s leg problem.

I see from reading your blog that Murphy came from an unknown background. I am no expert, ( though I have owned dogs for over30 years), but looking at his photos, I would suggest that he is probably a cross worker/show, (hope this does not offend you) very much like my first cocker, who like Murphy, also came from a dubious background, and much like you I knew at the time that the circumstances we found him in, were not the best, so totally understand that sometimes it can be difficult to turn your back and just walk away from a defenceless animal .

But the sad truth is that many of these pups go on to develop health issues of some kind, as they have usually been poorly bred, and as you well know, are taken from their Mother’s far too early, when their immune systems are still developing, so have not had the best start in life.

It is however very possible, that you could get a dog from a reputable breeder, and still get these problems, but it is far more likely to be found in dogs that have come from puppy farms or from people who are dealing in pups for profit.

I would listen to your vet regarding the best treatment for Murphy, as he/she is the expert in this field and will be able to give you the best advice on how to deal with Murphy’s problem, although I do agree with Jacquie about the salmon oil.

Hope everything works out well for you and for Murphy.


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The results are back. Murphy has a degenerative disease - hip displasia - causing acute arthritis in both hips.  We are currently looking into both hips being replaced.

I love Murphy to bits and am doing as much as I can for him to lead a better life free from pain. It's early days yet so the final decision, as to what to do, is yet to come.

Lynn - what you say is so true and no offence was taken by your comments. :)

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Update:  Murphy is now 5½ years old. After spending a fortune at the vets and the pet insurers refusing to cover a hip replacement Murphy was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. To cut a long story short, it wasn't his hips giving the problem it was his knee!

Murphy had the knee op (covered by insurance) in August and is now running around as though he is a puppy and I cannot keep up with him!

The only problem I have now is that he REFUSES to go on long walks around the working farm (cows) which is 2 mins down the lane with open fields where we live. He would have gone on this route 2/3 times day before the hip/knee problem. He now seems happy enough to go for a 20 min walk down the road and around the corner. At a certain point round that corner he won't go any further - he'll sit down and won't budge until I say, let's go home then.

Back home I'll let him off lead to run around the neighbours non-working farm and fields BUT when trying to get him back into the garden he sometimes runs down the road towards the 'working' farm. Yet, when I try to take him down to the 'working' farm walk he won't budge after 100 yards. He sits on his bum and refuses to move unless I turn for home. Any help much appreciated.

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Perhaps he thinks that this walk is painful.In the old days it hurt,but he can't dissacociate that from his new freedom.


Maybe walking him around his old haunts on a lead might help.


Just a thought as dogs are creatures of habit.


Something I have learned is that dogs view things so differently from us.


Hope this helps ,but probably not,but you've just got to try...





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